Housing Options for Older People


About HOOP

At its core, HOOP is a questionnaire that encourages the user to think about their home and how they live in it. It covers nine main topic areas and has been dubbed by recent partners as a ‘Housing MOT’ for its role in helping people check that their home is still fit for purpose.

Since the first online version of HOOP in 1998, there have been significant re-designs and developments to core features in 2010, 2015 and 2019 with the most significant enhancements and investment to our online tool occurring within the last six months.

We also produce a leaflet version of our tool, to ensure that those without internet access can still benefit from the questionnaire.

We now aim to continue developing HOOP by working in partnership with local organisations that want to provide information and advice to their clients in an innovative and effective way.


Users of self-help tools expect access to bespoke, localised, information about the support and services that are available to them. HOOP matches users with the services, accommodation and publications that are local to them. We also want to work with local partners to provide bespoke suggestions that reflect the support services that are available to the user.

HOOP’s local content is currently best developed in the following areas where we have local partners:

Supporting the online HOOP tool is our national advice service. Whether it is a case of simply signposting, or working through each housing option with a client, our advisors can give the client the support they require to improve their living situation.

How can HOOP help you and your clients?

Whilst every organisation has a different set of aims and priorities, depending on political and practical pressures, there are many ways in which HOOP can assist. Examples might include:

  • Meeting information and advice obligations
  • Helping to prevent and delay reliance on health and social care services
  • A key component of an Older Person’s Housing Strategy
  • Helping to maintain tenancies
  • Supporting home owners to live safely and well at home
  • Encouraging users to explore other housing options

Key HOOP statistics

Statistics from Google Analytics and Customer Surveys:

  • Almost 10,000 people used the new local HOOP in the last six months
  • Over 80% of HOOP users would recommend HOOP to a friend of family member
  • Almost 70% of users who were examining issues with their home found that HOOP gave them all the information they required

Want to find out more?

Read more about working with us to produce a local HOOP in our partnerships leaflet.

To discuss your particular project with us in more detail, please contact John Galvin, using the details below:

John Galvin